Welcome to the Official Fake Pigball League Website

This site was established and is maintained for the sole use of the eight members of the Fake Pigball Fantasy Football league. If you're not in our league, you'll find little of use or interest on here. The site primarily houses the league records, official rules, and links of interest to the Team Owners. If this doesn't apply to you, go away.

This year's official league site is on Yahoo. That's where our players can be traded/dropped/added, official scores and current standings are located.

This website is updated when I have the freakin' time to do so.

Current Events in Fake Pigball:

Congratulations to the Bruins - 2015 Fake Pigbowl champions.

The Bruins eased past the Hurricanes to claim their 2nd championship, 103.52 - 66.94 in a Pig Bowl championship that obviously featured deflated balls.  The commissioner is looking into the matter.  In  other news, the Surfside Steelers soundly defeated the Carolina Crushers 39.82 - 39.26 in the Pig Bowl, securing the first pick in the 2016 draft.


1. Michael Hubbard
2. Kenny Causey
3. Scott Bailey
4. Damon Lambert
5. Steve Jolly
6. Dave Hobson
7. Mike Hobson
8. Will Campbell                        This is the final year of the 3-year cycle.  2017 is start-over year

The 2016 Draft will be held SUNDAY, AUGUST 28th in the A.M.

Past Events in Fake Pigball:

Congratulations to the Surfside Steelers - 2014 Fake Pigbowl champions.

The Surfside Steelers defeat the Blitz in a nail-biter, 56.94 - 51.70 in a game that wasn't decided until the last minute of the Monday night game.  It's the Surfside Steelers third Fake Pigball championship.  It's the fifth time the Blitz have come up short in the championship game.  Congrats also to the Hurricanes on wining the Toilet Bowl and securing the first pick in the 2015 draft.


1. Mike Hobson
2. Herb Redick    Steve Jolly
3. Dave Hobson
4. Kenny Causey
5. Damon Lambert
6. William Campbell
7. Scott Bailey
8. Michael Hubbard

The 2015 Draft will be held Sunday, August 30th, 2015.

Congratulations to THE GREEN MEANIES - 2013 Fake Pigbowl champions

The Green Meanies make it look easy winning in their first year in the league by defeating  the  Hurricanes 48.12 - 37.38.    Congrats to Damon Lambert on a successful first season !!

2014 is a start-over year.  We all start from sratch.

The 2014 Fake Pigball draft will be held the weekend of August 30 - 31st.  We will draw for DRAFT ORDER Saturday night.  The Draft will be Sunday, August 31st at a time TBD by the commish.  Same location as the past few years (Surfside Beach).

Clemson vs Georgia  --  Saturday night (August 30)     5:30    ESPN



2016 Fake Pigball    --    Fake Pigball was founded by Scott Bailey & Michael Hubbard in 1996.    --    2016 is the 21st year.